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Sneaker Enthusiast Launches Original Paw Supply

Sneaker Enthusiast Launches Original Paw Supply

– By Dayna Roselli

David Hogan was born and raised in Las Vegas. He’s an opportunist with creative ideas, and now, he’s dabbling in the world of e-commerce.

Hogan just launched Original Paw Supply. Sneakers… for your dog!

Hogan says, “I always loved sneakers, I’ve been a collector since I was young and of course had a love for dogs as well. Over the last couple of years, I saw a trend that started taking place, people putting dog booties on their dog… not only to protect their feet, just actually for looks as well.”

That’s when he realized there wasn’t anything aesthetically pleasing on the market. Hogan says even though they didn’t look great, people were still buying them.

The idea was born when Hogan saw a photo of a dog in a pair of human sneakers and it went viral. Hogan says he thought to himself, “this is interesting because people go crazy over these sneaker releases and people are buying dog shoes, but the dogs don’t choose what they are wearing, the humans do.” He continues, “so, if I can make a brand that takes iconic sneaker designs and makes them for a dog, why would people not want those?”

Hogan started what he thought, was just a fun project but as he continued he realized, “I think I have something really good here!”

That’s when the Original Paw Supply brand was born.

The dog sneaks have soles that are weather resistant. This helps during the hot summer days. You can actually take your dogs outside for a bit if they are wearing these sneakers. The sole blocks the heat from coming through, it’s a layer of protection.

Here’s something else Hogan says he’s proud of, “one of the things I like to always point out is that they are eco-friendly all the way… it is a prime knit upper, so it’s a very similar material to fly knits that you’d have on a Nike runner or an Adidas shoe, so it’s the same quality that you are buying for humans… which is kinda cool that we are carrying that over for dogs. It also has a rubber blend sole, but all eco-friendly materials, it actually has real shoelaces as well and velcro that tightens around the ankle.”

The Original Paw Supply shoes come in small, medium, and large. Hogan admits the dogs are a little goofy in them at first, but they get used to it. Some people may use them for walks and hikes, but others may just use them for pictures and content.

Right now, they are exclusively carried on the Original Paw Supply website but soon will be available at Vanderpump Dogs in Los Angeles. They are $99.99 a set and there’s free shipping within the United States. Here’s an added bonus, each order comes with a miniature human shoe box and a cool little place card that has a message for the customer.

Looking ahead, David Hogan plans to launch a dog CBD line too. The line will include dog treats and tincture for older dogs. Be on the lookout for that.

For now, it’s all about #OriginalPawSupply.

Shop online at for more!

Editorial photos by Joseph Caperonis


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