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Cover Star: Josh Murray

Cover Star: Josh Murray

Josh Murray’s Looking For Love In All The Real Places

– By Stacey Gualandi 

When it comes to 2018 New Year’s resolutions, Josh Murray’s list is short and sweet: “I want to get married and have kids!”

The twice-engaged Murray has come “this” close as one of TV’s favorite suitors during Season 10 of The Bachelorette, and Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. But getting to “I do” has proven elusive.

“I went on those shows to find love. I was 2-for-2 then 0-for-2. Winning is losing on that show for me! Ha!” laughs the native New Yorker. “[But] I learned what I don’t want in a wife: I don’t like fake. I have had to deal with that in the past.”

But Murray hasn’t given up; he says he just needs to be more “active.” Which means he may need to add one more resolution to that list.

“I’m shy at meeting people. If I see an attractive woman I don’t know what to say,” he says half-jokingly. “I can’t say anything. I have no pickup lines! I’m 33 years old and still, no pickup lines!” 

If he’s shy, Murray didn’t show it during his recent visit to Las Vegas to host Deluxe Version’s “One Hundred Roses for Christmas” event at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. That’s where I, and dozens of women posed with him and, of course, a signature Bachelor rose. Murray is a natural in front of the camera (just look at our cover!), which explains his television appeal. It even landed him an NFL commercial on his first audition while in high school. But ultimately, his sports abilities took precedence and gave way to a successful 5-year professional baseball career. 

“My parents taught me whatever I put my mind to, I can do. And I have. I loved baseball—I got drafted— but it was monotonous and I was missing my family. I lost the passion. I am a firm believer in doing what you love to do, and not doing something for money.” Murray adds, “You have to be able to enjoy yourself on some level.”

Murray’s passion now is using his athleticism and reality-show fame for good. He just completed a new season of MTV’s The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars where he competed to win a share of the $150,000 prize for ESP (, a non-profit that creates opportunities for families with disabilities and a charity he supports. 

“Like the Bachelor shows, you had to be conniving; but [on this show] you’re supposed to be competitive for charity!” admits Murray.

He comes by his altruistic ways naturally. As a young teen in a Jesuit all-boys Catholic school, he spent weekends doing community service around the country. “I went to Belle Glade, Fla., an AIDS capital at the time. I was 14 and I remember these kids were like, ‘Can you be my daddy?’ I’d be so emotional about it. I loved seeing how happy they were, full of love. My family has always taught me to give back.” 

Moving past the negative trappings of TV dating, Murray now promotes “More Love Less Hate” on his social media. He has a memoir in the works; a podcast planned with his brother, former NFL quarterback Aaron Murray; and a desire to further develop his own philanthropy in the near future…something that will involve kids and dogs.

Over a year ago, he lost his beloved pup Sabel to cancer, a loss Murray describes as one of the “toughest times of my life.” It took him 10 months to bring a new French Poodle into his life.  Now, Gizzy Da Frenchie has an Instagram account that could someday rival her master’s. “She always gets photo approval,” adds Murray. 

With a devotion to dogs, a focus on family (“my parents are my mentors!”), and a champion for charity, Murray’s days as a bachelor may end sooner than he thinks. He’s optimistic 2018 will be the year he steps up to the marital plate; but until then, the former shortstop describes his life now with a simple baseball analogy:

“I wish it were a Grand Slam! I am grateful, but the one missing piece is finding somebody. So, I can’t say everything is fulfilled, but I’ll tell you what: I’ve had a very fulfilling life and so many great opportunities. I don’t need to accomplish anything else personally. I have goals and will keep pushing, but if today were the last, I’d be so grateful”

Josh Murray is indeed a proverbial catch; however, ladies…don’t expect any thorny gestures of love. When asked his favorite flower, Murray said with a laugh: “Anything but roses.” 

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