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Cover Feature: Bryan Abasolo

Cover Feature: Bryan Abasolo

Ab-solutely taken!

– By Stacey Gualandi

With his shining smile and trademark eight-pack abs, The Bachelorette’s Bryan Abasolo, D.C., CNC, could rest on his leading-man looks, but instead, this licensed chiropractor-turned-reality TV hubby is looking to lead you to a better life.

“You were given this vessel; now, people should focus and make it the best it can be,” he says

Abasolo built his body (and his Miami-based practice) based on healthy living and a lean physique, earning him the apt title “Dr. Abs.” His “wellness lifestyle” is all about looking and feeling your best.

“I stay in my lane: I don’t worry what other people have going on, I just try to improve myself as much as possible,” says Abasolo. “I think if people maximized those principles to the fullest, I think they are going to be living their best life, to quote my fiancée!”

His fiancée—for those who aren’t obsessed with ABC’s guilty pleasure The Bachelorette —is Rachel Lindsay, the first African-American Bachelorette in the show’s history. They got engaged during season 13, and 2 years later, they are still going strong.

“We are definitely the next ones in line [to get married], and there is no doubt we will see it through,” says Abasolo. “We want to make fans happy and express our love, but we are taking our time.”

During our Deluxe Version Magazine cover shoot inside the Las Vegas Strip’s Saks Fifth Avenue, Abasolo confided that the social media pressure has been intense. While a wedding planner is on speed dial, as of press time they won’t say “I do” until late summer somewhere in the

Caribbean, and (to the disappointment of many) the nuptials will be non-televised.

“Obviously we would have taken a TV wedding. Who wouldn’t take one paid for and taken care of? But at the end of the day, our happiness and union is all that matters.”

The path to reality show alumni-hood comes with a lot of negative attention but Abasolo says it’s nothing compared to the positives you can achieve after the show. He just released an e-book series—Dr. Abs Fitness and Abs Start in the Kitchen— based on two of the five natural health principles he developed and personally lives by. Now, he says his motivational messaging is reaching the masses.

“It’s really opened me up to helping a lot of people,” says Abasolo. “I’m being messaged about diet tips, fitness tips….It’s overwhelming to think: ‘Wow! People look up to me and care about what I have to say.’”

If he continues to have his say, this mindful millennial plans to expand his brand with more e-books, and a new project called “You Versus You” that will bring awareness to those who don’t know about alternatives to opioids, drugs and surgery. His mission is to keep everyone “challenging the person they see in the mirror every day.”

For now, this betrothed will challenge himself by eating right and working out. After all, he has to fit those abs into a tux . (And if you are so inclined…he says wedding gifts are welcome.) “We are open for anything and we don’t mind envelopes!” he says jokingly. “In all seriousness, gifts aside, what’s most important is the celebration of our love and everyone who has made our journey so special. Rachel and I want all our family, friends, and fans to be a part of that.”

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