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Choosing the right dentist for your healthy smile!

Choosing the right dentist for your healthy smile!

Why is the thought of going to the dentist so daunting even as an adult? The fact is, our teeth are one of the first things people notice about ourselves. Having that perfect smile is achievable and no one would know better than Dr. Jonathan Dean from Summerlin Smiles and Distinctive Smiles here in Las Vegas.

Dr. Dean is a leading cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, practicing for over 14 years. He is one of four acknowledged professionals here in the Las Vegas valley, and comes highly recommended for his expertise in Invisalign and implantology. He works alongside his colleagues, Ton V. Lee, Sarah Kitchen, and Meron Anghesom, at both Las Vegas based dental practices. This team’s ultimate mission? Encouraging patients to be proactive with their own dental health with the latest dental technology, products, skills and knowledge.

Dr. Dean, why Las Vegas? You have lived all over the world; what was it about this city that made you want to call it home?
“The sunshine!” Dean laughed. Although the weather did have an impact on his decision, Nellis Air Force Base was actually the reason for his move here. After graduating at the University of Maryland / Baltimore College for Dentistry he had an opportunity to practice and travel with the Air Force. “I was a Captain and served for three years; the Air Force really allowed me to focus on my craft.” After serving in the military, Dean knew he was going to stay in Las Vegas not only for the sunshine, but to be a positive influence in helping with the growth of the city and community he now calls home.

What makes you stand out above all the other cosmetic dentists?
“No matter what career I have had, I always wanted to help people.” Dean’s favorite quote is: “Change your smile and share it with the world.” Being able to transform someone’s life through their smile is what makes his job so fulfilling. “I have had adults cry after seeing what cosmetic dentistry can do for them. You don’t have to live with a smile you don’t like.”

Why are Summerlin Smiles and Distinctive Smiles so highly recommended?
“Out of all the practices I have seen we really pride ourselves on personal connection. We want to treat our patients like family here and I think when you are with our staff you can really feel that.”

For more information and to book your next appointment with Dean visit or call (702) 579-7645

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