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Contributing Editor: Ashlee DeMartino

Richardson Group: Premier Real Estate With Heart For The Community

May 16, 2021 |

– By Ashlee DeMartino

In the game of real estate, there are large corporate groups, with thousands of agents, all looking to take your money. Or there are smaller groups, with world-class teams willing … Read More

Staying Fit With Andrea Rogers

May 12, 2021 |

– By Ashlee DeMartino

With thousands of choices of things, you can do to get in shape, navigating the world of fitness can get tricky at times.  That is where Xtend Barre stands … Read More

Live Like The Hotel Boss

May 11, 2021 |

– By Ashlee DeMartino

Growing up in the small wine country town of Lodi, California, Faisal Sublaban learned that hard work, determination, and risk are what it takes to be a BOSS.

Designer Spotlight: Thomas Burger

May 9, 2021 |

– By Ashlee DeMartino

Deluxe Version Magazine is proud to have a new member of the family, Thomas Burger. He is a world-renowned interior designer and is set to bring new light to Las … Read More

Dr. Ted Sim Cares From The Inside Out

January 12, 2021 |

– By Ashlee DeMartino

Caring for YOU means looking after your mind, body, spirit, and spine. If you want to do that naturally and holistically, Dr. Ted Sim of ChiropracTED has you covered. 

Dr. … Read More

One To Watch: Adrian Karimi 

January 12, 2021 |

– By Ashlee DeMartino

Adrian Karimi grew up throughout Southern California. “I moved around a lot as a kid, mainly for financial reasons. My mother and I immigrated to the states when I was young. It was … Read More

Dr. Neville Campbell: Leading The Industry In Pain Care

December 26, 2020 |

– By Ashlee DeMartino

Dr. Neville Campbell grew up in Port Antonio, Jamaica.  His family didn’t have much, but what they did have was love.  “My mom and dad really did their best with the little … Read More

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