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All Match Points for Mayleen Ramey

All Match Points for Mayleen Ramey

By Jen Chase

Mayleen Ramey. Heard of her?If not, you will soon, whether you’re a Wimbledon fan or not. This Tennis Channel host is part television personality, part diverse entrepreneurial spirit, who spent her Fall 2016 having her pretty self photographed at a London English manor while waiting on the good word about a self-developed TV program she pitched to media execs in Monte Carlo (where all good things go to happen, right?).

Ramey’s happy strides toward tennis media world domination—in the name of injecting a little more life an otherwise slightly serious sport—balance nicely with the things that put a smile on her approachable face. So forget Virginia: Meet Mayleen Ramey instead, before this wholehearted beauty is so successful, her accolades won’t fit within our glossy pages. You can say you knew her back when. […] Continue reading on Page 34-35

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