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A Dosist™ Of Reality…

A Dosist™ Of Reality…

One Pen At A Time

Celebrating the arrival of dose-controlled cannabis therapy in Nevada

– By Stacey Gualandi

In the ever-expanding world of dose-controlled cannabis therapy, standout luxury brand dosist™ says its ready to smoke the competition.

In November, the 4-year-old leading Los Angeles-based wellness company successfully launched its award-winning glossy device—the dose pen—in hemp-friendly Nevada. The plan was simple: make more pen pals with the growing cannabis crowd.    

“We believe, as a lifestyle brand, we can be a part of your life,” says CEO Gunner Winston…who, not surprisingly is high on Nevada right now. With millions of tourists and residents, he says it is fast becoming one of the biggest and most intriguing marijuana markets, which gives dosist™ an excellent chance “to inspire, educate and engage” a second adult-use audience. (In other words, he’s not waiting to exhale.)

“The brand dosist™ has a narrative that is so different than the traditional stereotypes of cannabis,” said Winston during a media dinner at Catch Las Vegas to introduce the company. “dosist is saying, ‘No! There is a whole other way to utilize it to elevate your life.’”

The sleek dose pen comes in six different targeted formulas—bliss, sleep, calm, relief, arouse and passion—at 2.25 milligrams per dose, depending on how much control you want to “naturally manage your health and happiness.”  The company also recently introduced dose dial™, a dissolvable 3.7 mg pill that dispenses with just the turn of a dial.

While dosist™ means wellness, the startup has caused an upheaval in the health industry since its 2016 debut. TIME Magazine included dosist™ on its “25 Best Inventions” list that year; and Fast Company named it one of 2018’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies. 

“dosist™ came in at number 10. I’ve gotta get us up the list,” Winston half-jokingly says of that designation.

The 43-year-old brand’s boss says he had no interest in running a business after retiring early from a successful hedge fund he co-founded. (“My life was good as it was!”)  But when dosist’s board came calling, he decided to take a hit.

“The reason I took it, is because I will never have a chance again in my life to be at the forefront of an industry this big,” said Winston.

Winston believes most people want to stay balanced: not getting too high, not getting too low. That’s why dosist™ continues to spread its philosophy: cannabis is an ingredient that—when used correctly—can help balance you.   

“All of you have different avenues in life where you have to be functional,” said Winston. “You can’t afford to be f’d up. That’s how we approach the business every single day and we never lose sight of that.”

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