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2018 Man Of The Year | Dr. Neville F. Campbell

2018 Man Of The Year | Dr. Neville F. Campbell

Deluxe Version Magazine’s 2018 Man of the Year, Dr. Neville Campbell

– By Dani Reeves

When it was time for our advisory board to decide who would be named Deluxe Version Magazine’s 2018 Man of the Year, it was an obvious choice. Dr. Neville Campbell is not only the perfect example of what the brand represents but he is someone our community respects and admires.

Last June a man with a loaded gun walked into Campbell’s office, Pain and Wellness Center of Las Vegas, and opened fire. Four people were injured that day, two of them staff.

It was an overwhelming experience leaving Campbell questioning if he was in too deep. With so many people looking at him for leadership, Campbell decided to take action to help his staff move forward in a powerful way. “My belief in God pulled me through that dark period.” Campbell said. “My staff and I trusted in ourselves that we were called for a specific reason and that passion was not going to be dimmed by that event.”

As Dr. Campbell was sharing his story with us, we couldn’t help but notice the sense pride he had for his staff and the genuine love he had when speaking about his family. “That day changed the way we appreciate things. It was a profound lesson; we no longer take for granted the golden moments. Before that day, it was a group of people helping our patients, now we are a family…one step and everyone is with us. We feel strong and have a sense of togetherness and peace. We now understand what our purpose is.”

Campbell’s incredible leadership abilities extend further than the doors of his practice here in Las Vegas. In fact, for the second year in a row, Campbell is bringing some of the leading doctors in their fields to Ecuador to join Healing Hands Abroad. Healing Hands Abroad is a group of doctors coming together to volunteer time and expertise to underprivileged communities around the world. Last year Campbell brought a team of medical professionals to Ecuador, “We started something there and I want to go back to finish.”

Campbell spoke with hope in his eyes as he gave us a day-in-the life in Ecuador. “We start early with a cold shower and a healthy organic breakfast…fresh fruit and local eggs.” Coffee was an essential, although one cup was strong enough until the afternoon. When the doctors would arrive at the clinic, people would be lined up and waiting for their arrival. “When we approached the clinic the patients would start clapping!” Campbell explained that some patients would travel 2 days to receive help and a lot of them had never seen a doctor before.

The staff would work religiously through the day making sure to attend to as many patients as possible. The doctors would still have patients lined up to receive care at the end of the day. They may not be able to treat everyone during their stay, but they are determined to try.

Congratulations Dr. Campbell! You are the epitome of class and style. We couldn’t think of a more perfect person to recognize.

For more information about Dr. Campbell and the Pain and Wellness of Las Vegas visit .

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