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Julienne de Leon | Chic Versatility

julienne-dlxvrsn-talentVersatility runs through the veins of the talented miss Julienne de Leon. She’s a Filipino model, coordinator, designer, creative writer and blogger. Her knack of business creativity and artistry has led her into jobs that exercised her skills. Since living in Vegas she has modeled for prestigious brands, mostly in the fashion, swimwear, special events and convention arena. Her recent works was a NYNY campaign ad as well as a magazine spread and a top LA and Vegas swimwear catalog and print photo shoots.
Her interest for social functions and to contrive jobs for others compelled Julienne to undertake various business roles as a host, proprietor and an administrative and client relations representative. She has used her design skills to facilitate marketing products and coordinates and staffs as an agent mostly for affiliated hosting and event companies. Julienne’s creative writing skills led her to write for a local Las Vegas site as a content writer which led her to her interest in blogging. Follow her through her journey as she reaches prestige.
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