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Introducing the Auspicious John Sessa

Introducing the Auspicious John Sessa

By Chelsea Abate

Living lavishly in Los Angeles doesn’t mean everyone is skin deep, and John Sessa is a perfect example. Los Angelenos may know him as Vanderpump Dogs extraordinaire, but this philanthropist is a Jack-of-all-trades whose thirst for culture and helping others blossomed early, and continues today in both his profit and non-profit work.

Growing up in the United States as a first-generation Italian-American, Sessa’s interest in other countries (and the varied people who live in them) pushed him to learn Spanish in high school…a language he fell so hard for, he chose to study abroad in college. It was a good decision. Living in Barcelona gave Sessa the life experience he needed to set the course for his career, and while he went overseas with pre-med on his mind, he returned an international studies major.

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