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Greater Health: Dealing with Performance Anxiety

Greater Health: Dealing with Performance Anxiety

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Dealing with Performance Anxiety

We deal with pressure every day between work, family, friends, and whatever else we constantly have going on. No one should have to deal with pressure when it comes to the bedroom, though.

Performance anxiety affects 1/3 of men in the United States. The anxiety is actually the body’s defense mechanism in response to danger, threats, and hostile situations, which you obviously don’t want your instinct to go directly to anxiety when you’re starting to get hot and heavy with somebody.

There every day and situational things you can do to help control your anxiety when it comes to pleasing your partner.


Try talking out how you’re feeling with your partner. Chances are they will be very understanding and mutually want to better the experience for both of you. Discuss things you think might help, how they feel about trying new positions/fantasies, or what you think will make you feel more secure when it comes to the bedroom.

Mindfulness Techniques

Paying attention to your emotions and physical sensations not only during sex, but during any moment can help. Try being present in everyday life, and then put those techniques to use in the bedroom. It can help you to relax and be present in the moment without outside factors, especially if you’ve created a physical space for intimacy that helps you feel secure.

Reduce Stressors

Do what you can to reduce stressors that affect you every day. Feeling more relaxed on a regular basis can help in the bedroom. Try getting rid of stressors from your daily commute to work to preparing dinner for yourself. Engage in more activities that are pleasant to you.


If you feel medication is your best bet, you have plenty of choices. There are medications and topical treatments to help treat your performance anxiety and make your sex life enjoyable again. Get an online consultation with one of our physicians to find the right medication for you.

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