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Cover Feature: Amber Reyes Proves You Can Have It All

Cover Feature: Amber Reyes Proves You Can Have It All

From A Lush Island To A Lush Life

– By Elena Castriota

Amber Reyes has it all: brains, beauty, and drive. As the owner of LA Laser, it might look like she’s always lived the luxury life but that’s far from the truth. Growing up in Hawaii, her family struggled to make ends meet despite working hard. According to Reyes, the island doesn’t offer much in the way of upward opportunities outside of tourism.

“The island is so small and slow that if you’re not involved in tourism, you can’t really do anything unless you have your own business,” Reyes explains, “I’ve been hustling since I was 14.”

Reyes launched her career at aesthetics school in 2005 and knew instantly that she wanted to focus on the medical side of the industry. Adept at networking, she made crucial connections with well-known doctors in the field. After completing school, she worked for a big-name laser hair removal company and quickly became miserable after witnessing clients being treated like they were just numbers.

“It was like herding cattle and I was a laser slave,” Reyes describes, “I cared about my clients, and I would feel bad and stay after hours to fit everyone in.”

For Reyes, her clients are everything—wherever she’s gone, her clients have followed her—so she started leveraging the connections she made early in her career and began working for a doctor who trained and mentored her on how to get started on her own. She started saving money to purchase her own laser, which was no easy task: a single device can cost well over $100,000. She bought her first laser in 2014 and LA Laser opened in 2015.

Owning her own company has allowed Reyes to treat her clients the way she’s always dreamed. And she’s so philanthropically focused, she gives free laser treatments to women who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), or other troubles with their skin, and can’t afford treatment.

“My purpose in life is to help others,” Reyes says. “I’m so grateful for my life, my clients, my team, and everyone who’s been a part of helping me grow.”

Reyes is married to Boyz II Men member Wanyá Morris and loves being with someone who’s so supportive of her as a person and a businesswoman. While she balances the many perks of being with a celebrity with the downsides of fame, she exudes the confidence of someone who’s made it on her own.

LA Laser currently has locations in Las Vegas and Oahu, with a location in Maui coming soon. Find Reyes (@adr808) and her company (@lalaserlv) at

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