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Fact v Fiction: Smoking

Fact v Fiction: Smoking

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Fact v Fiction: Smoking

You have a cigarette with your morning coffee. Another after getting through the first half of your morning sitting through meetings for work. Another at lunch, and another, and another. Having a cigarette break is part of your lifestyle, and quitting can be daunting. Finding a reason not to quit can be much easier when it comes down to it, but it’s GH for Men is here to put to rest what is true and false about quitting.

Fiction: I’ll gain weight if I quit.

Fact: Everyone’s body reacts differently to quitting. However, if you keep up or take up other healthy habits such as exercising, you’ll be able to prevent weight gain that that others may experience.

Fiction: It will mess with my mood and mental state.

Fact: Breaking a habit is difficult for everyone. It may mess with your mood at the beginning and make you edgy, but these things are temporary. As you continue life without smoking, your side effects will fall to the wayside.

Fiction: It’ll hurt my social life.

Fact: Some smokers are surprised at how supportive their smoking friends are when they begin their journey to quitting. Once you quit, you can also find you’ll be able to do lots of other activities that smoking once hindered, and could find yourself in other social circles. Just because you quit doesn’t mean you will lose your friends.

Fiction: I just need to cut back/switch to mild cigarettes.

Fact: Every cigarette you smoke does some sort of damage to your body. Many times when people switch to milder cigarettes, they end up smoking even more or more intently to attempt to get the same amount of nicotine.

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